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INSPEM's History

The Institute for Mathematical Resarch is a research institute specializing in research in mathematics and other areas whose major components comprise of areas in mathematics.

The institute is established to fill the need for such a research centre in the country. It began operating on the 1st April 2002 after its establishment was approved by the Division of Higher Education in November 2001. The institute is under the administration of UPM and is subjected to the regulations and stipulated in the statute on the establishment of institutes in UPM.

The main activities of INSPEM include planning, identifying and implementing research in Theoretical Studies, Applied and Computational Statistics, areas of Computational Sciences and Informatics and Innovational Methods in Education. The institute also serves as two-way channel between it and the public and private agencies through which research products can be channelled and problem requiring mathematical treatment can be received and examined at the institute.

At the same time it provides opportunities for collaborative research with agencies from inside and outside UPM. It is also a primary function of INSPEM to invite potential young researchers to carry out research that leads to postgraduate degrees.

It is the objective of INSPEM to establish a world-renowned research institute in mathematics in the country whose expertise is recognized as world standard. This agrees well with the nation's aspiration and vision to become an advanced and progressive nation built on sound foundation of knowledge among its citizenry. 

The main objectives of INSPEM are:  

  • To carry out research in all identified areas.
  • To established critical-masses of researchers in high-end areas of mathematics.
  • To acquire state-of-the art research facilities.
  • To be a reference centre in matters pertaining to mathematics.
  • To publicize information on research products of INSPEM to public and private sectors.
  • To establish networking with researchers and research institutions from inside and outside of UPM.



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