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Intensification of Research in Priority Areas (IRPA)

Scheme Research Program Based on Priority Areas ( IRPA ) is a research grant from the provisions under the Ministry of Science, Technology and Environment it seeks to reposition itself in order to strengthen the system of financing research and development ( R & D ) in the Eighth Malaysia Plan ( RM - 8 ) . Some related discipline combined and financing R & D projects under the IRPA scheme is divided into three categories. Thread is Experimental Applied Research ( EAR ) , which outlines five priority areas, namely Agriculture and Food Security, Natural Resources and Environment , Manufacturing and Services, Social Transformation , and Knowledge Advancement . The second category is Prioritised Research '( PR ) ( Manufacturing , Production and Plant Primary Products, Information and Communication, Health, and Education and Training) . The third category , Strategic Research ( SR ) ( Design and Software Technology, Nanotechnology & Precision Engineering , Speciality Fine Chemicals Technology, and Optical Technology ) .

List of Scheme Research Program Based on Priority Areas ( IRPA )

Updated:: 10/03/2014


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