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Dr Norazaliza Mohd Jamil

Predictive Model for Pandemic Outbreaks: In Response to COVID-19  


 2  15 Dr. Muhammad Ikhwan bin Azlan Unsur-Unsur Pematematikan dalam al-As'ilah wa al-Ajwibah antara Ibn SÄ«nā dan al-BÄ«rÅ«nÄ«   Abstrak
 3  22 Assoc. Prof. Dr.  Mohd Bakri Adam Surviving Your Viva Voce in the Field of Statistics: Sharing my experiences as a student, a supervisor, a chairman, and an examiner Abstrak
 4  29 Prof. Dr. Nor Haniza Sarmin A Ph.D. Dilemma - To publish or To Graduate-On-Time? Abstrak
 5 Februari  19 Prof. Dr. Nadia Mohammed Ghanim Fractal Theory a New Trend for Robust Authentication and Identification Protocols Abstrak
6 26 Dr Auni Aslah Bin Mat Daud  Mathematicians in Malaysia: Challenges, Critiques and Contributions Abstrak
7 Mac 5 Dr. Mai Zurwatul Ahlam Analytics: Animated Video-based Teaching Abstrak
8 12 Assoc. Prof. Dr. Sharidan Shafie INSPEM's Webinar Mathematics for a Better World (Mathematicians in Academia for Society) Abstrak
9 19 Dr. Rushdan bin Ibrahim  Mathematical Models for Alkaline Pulp and Paper Properties of Oil Palm Empty Fruit Bunch Fibre (EFB)  Abstrak
10 26 Rohayu Sarani Some Statistics Application in Road Safety Abstrak
11 April 2 Prof. Dr. Mohd. Yunus Bin Abd. Shukor A New Discovery of a Mathematical Formulation for Sums of Power of Which Faulhaber Sums of Power for Integers Falls Under its Umbrella Abstrak
12 9 Dr. Seyed Ali Ahmadian A Strong Research Paper for a Suitable Journal Abstrak
13 16 Dr. Yusuf Dauda Jikantoro Highly Efficient Method for Numerical Integration of Fourth Order Initial Value Problems Abstrak
14 23 Dr. Chan Kar Tim Introduction to Density Functional Theory Abstrak
15 30 Zahari Mahad The Large Integer: Case Study in C++ Abstrak
16 Mei 7 Dr. Hayder Natiq Recent Advances in Continuous and Discrete Chaotic Systems Abstrak
17 21 Dr. Malathi Letchumanan What Contributes to the Promotion of Higher Order Thinking Skills in Technology Integrated Classes? Abstrak
18 28 Prof. Madya Dr. Wan Azizun bt. Wan Adnan Biometric: Issues and Challenges Abstrak
19 Jun 4 Dr. Syuria Amirrudin Industrial Research in Data Science Abstrak
20 11 Dr. Shahirah Abu Bakar Properties, Performance and Applications of Hybrid Nanofluids Abstrak
21 18 Prof. Ir. Ts. Dr. Mohamed Thariq Hameed Sultan How to Publish Manuscript in High Impact Journal. Abstrak
22 25 Dr. Azadeh Zahedi Khameneh Introduction to Graph Theory (III) - Conjunction-Based Weighted Digraphs and their Applications in Decision-Making Abstrak
23 Julai 2 Prof. Madya Dr. Hafizah Bahaludin Financial Network Based on Minimum Spanning Tree: A Study of the Bursa Malaysia Abstrak
24 9 Dr. Abd Muhaimin Amiruddin Understanding Sea Level Change in the South China Sea Abstrak
25  16 Dr. Shahrina Ismail Solving Heron and Perfect Triangles via Elliptic Curves Abstrak
26  23 Ts. Dr. Lam Weng Siew A Study on the Evaluation of Learning Methods and Library Service Quality with Analytic Hierarchy Process  Abstrak
27 30 Dr. Zahra Nazemi Ashani Low-Cost Procedure to Detect Water Turbidity Using Convolutional Neural Networks  Abstrak
28 Ogos    6 Meor Amri bin Meor Ayob Using Mathematics to Clear the Opaqueness of Financial Markets: The Malaysian Bond & Sukuk Market Experience Abstrak
29 13  Dr. Clarissa Ai Ling Building the Emergent Philosophy of Artscience Abstrak
30 20  Peter Lim A. I. Machine Learning Predictive Analytics Made Simple with Wolfram Language Abstrak
31 27  Tea Boon Chian Erasmus+ PhD Mobility: A 5-Month Journey in Torino, L’italia Abstrak
32 September     3 Dr. Mohanad Ali Mohammed Abtan Topological indices for certain special, chemical compounds and Nanostar Dendrimers graphs.   Abstrak
33 10 Profesor Dr. Ibrahim Mohamed The Application of Circular Statistics in Local Crescent Moon Visibility Study.   Abstrak
34 17 Mohamed Faris Laham Overview on Islamic Mathematical Finance.  Abstrak
35  24 Prof. Madya Dr Rohaidah Hj. Kamaruddin Pergi Dan Cari Dalam Penyelidikan Mutakhir Manuskrip Melayu Dalam Bongkar Misteri Sejarah Bangsa Melayu.   Abstrak
36  Oktober       1 Prof. Dr. Norihan Md. Arifin Mathematical Modelling of Casson Hybrid Nanofluid. Abstrak
37 8 Nur Raidah Salim Improving the Convergence of Interval Single-step Method for Simultaneous Approximation of Polynomial Zeros    Abstrak
38 15 Zurita Ismail Study of UPM Co-Authorship Network in Journal Publications Using Social Network Analysis Abstrak
39 22 Dr. Mohamad Faiz Zainuddin Low-cost Turbidimeters: Past and Recent Findings    Abstrak
40  29 Ts. Dr. Nur Diyana binti Kamarudin Performance Comparison of Machine Learning Classifiers on Aircraft Databases Abstrak
41 November 5 Dr. Shamsollah Ghanbari Divisible Load Scheduling in Distributed Computing Systems Abstrak
42 12 Dr. Terry Lau Shue Chien A New Technique in Constructing Code-based Encryption Scheme in the Rank Metric Abstrak
43 19 Prof. Dr Ali Reza Ashrafi Degree−Based Topological Indices of Chemical Graphs Abstrak
44 26 Norahana Salimin Malaysian… Are We Up for a National Digital ID?    Abstrak
45 Disember 3 Prof. Madya Dr. Roslan Bin Hasni @ Abdullah On Edge Irregular Labeling of Graphs    Abstrak
46 10 Dr. Azadeh Zahedi Khameneh A New Node Clustering Method using Fuzzy Multi-graphs    Abstrak
47 17 Iszuanie Syafidza Hj Che Ilias Extreme Precipitation in Peninsular Malaysia: Regional Frequency Analysis Abstrak
48 24 Prof. Madya Dr. Nor Zila binti Abd Hamid Continuous Application of Chaotic Approach to Predict Some Environment Variables for a Decade Abstrak

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