Tahun 2022


7 January
Prof. Dr. Muhammad Rezal Dato' Kamel Ariffin
Cryptography - The History, Science and Nation Building

14 January
Prof. Madya Dr. Lee Lai Soon
Urban Transit Network Design Problem: The Journey So Far

21 January
Mr. Mohd Suhaimi Ramly
10 Things I Learned from 2 Decades of Coaching Very Smart Math Kids

28 January
Prof. Dr. M. Ali Akbar
Different Definitions of Fractional Derivatives, Their Flaws and Research on Fractional Differential Equations


4 February
Dr. Muhammad Sofwan Mahmud
Pelaksanaan Penyoalan Lisan dalam Pengajaran Matematik

11 February
Dr. Mohd Radzi Aridi
Fatigue Risk Evaluation based on Stress Amplitude vs Mean Stress Diagram

18 February
Dr. Nurul Syuhada Ismail
Boundary Layer and Heat Transfer Studies on Hybrid Nanofluid Flow

25 February
Dr. Shahirah Abu Bakar
Nanofluid vs Hybrid Nanofluid: An Overview


4 March
Prof. Dr. Darren C. Ong
The Art of Aperiodic Order

11 March
Prof. Dr. Maman A. Djauhari
Understanding Data Variability: The Principal Key to Quality

18 March
Ms. Siti Rodhina Rani
Studie on Environmental Impacts Aspects for Extension of Oil Recovery Plant Project in Olak Lempit

25 March
Assoc. Prof. Ts. Dr. Nurfadhlina Mohd Sharef
Super Artificial Intelligence in Digital Twin with Interactive Machine Learning


1 April
Prof. Ts. Dr. M. Iqbal Saripan
Merungkai Peranan Universiti di dalam Dunia VUCA

8 April
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Zainidin Eshkuvatov
An Automatic Quadrature Scheme and Homotopy Analysis Method for Singular and Integro-Differential Equations

15 April
Prof. Ts. Dr. Salman Yussof
Blockchain and Privacy

22 April
Prof. Dr. Mohammad Reza Sarkar Arani
How Teachers Respond to Students’ Mistakes in Lessons: A Cross-Cultural Analysis of a Mathematics Lesson

29 April
Prof. Dr. Ahmed Osumanu Haruna
Modern Agriculture, Where do Applied Mathematical Approaches Fit?


13 May
Dr. Chak Yew Chung
A Crash Course on Spacecraft Attitude Control

20 May
Dr. Mohd Nazri Bajuri
Essential Math for Data Science

27 May
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Nor Asilah Wati Abdul Hamid
What is High Performance Computing (HPC)?


3 June
Prof. Emeritus Dr. Shaharir Mohd Zain
Pemasyarakatan Matematik menerusi Matematik Peribumi

10 June
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Ng Kok Haur
Modelling and Forecasting Stock Volatility and Return: A New Approach Based on Quantile Rogers-Satchell Volatility Measure with Asymmetric Bilinear CARR Model

17 June
Ms. Nor Haniza Abdul Hamid
Creative Inquiry Learning: Reshaping Creativity in Mathematics Education

24 June
Prof. Dr. Nangkula Utaberta IAI
Graduate Before Time: Finishing Your Master in 6 Months and PhD in 2 Years


1 July
Dr. Bolaji Tunde Matemilola
Impact of Institutional Quality on Firms’ Capital Structure: Dynamic Panel Modelling Approach

8 July
Assoc. Prof. Ir. Dr. Raja Mohd Kamil Raja Ahmad
Active Noise Control: Principle, System and Adaptive Control Algorithms

15 July
Dr. Azadeh Zahedi Khameneh
Consistency Improvement of Preferences

22 July
Mr. Ali Mohammed Baba
Robust Spatial Parameter Estimation for Spatial Regression Model

29 July
Mr. Nur Izham Makhtar
Kaedah Mokhdar, Terapi Minda Matematik Mega & Aplikasi


5 August
Dr. Hasyiya Karimah Adli
The Wonders of IoT in Monitoring Solar Panel and Power Output Prediction

12 August
Mr. Noor Azam Shaari
The Development of Malaysian Convective Rainfall Algorithm (MCRA)

19 August
Dr. Terry Lau Shue Chien
On the Design and Security of McEliece Cryptosystem in the Lee Metric

25 August
Ms. Hadhinah Felice
Industri Kanabis di Amerika Syarikat: Kerjaya, Sumbangan Ekonomi, dan Penggunaan Untuk Perubatan & Rekreasi


2 September
Dr. Mai Zurwatul Ahlam
Discovering Potential Method of Making Pseudorandom Numbers as an Indicator

9 September
Dr. Shamsollah Ghanbari
Introduction to Distributed Systems and Virtualizing

23 September
Mr. Choong Pak Shen
Fidelity of Cluster States

30 September
Mdm. Aimi Athirah Ahmad
Copula-based Model to Identify the Relationship of Agricultural Yield and Climate Variables in Malaysia


7 October
Prof. Dr. Maman Djauhari
Introducing New Book: "Quality Control of Complex Processes: State-of-the-Art Statistical Techniques and Their Application in Various Professions and Businesses"

14 October
Dr. Malathi Letchumanan
What Promotes Higher Order Thinking Skills in Mathematics Technology Enhanced Learning Environment: Perspective from University Students

21 October
Mdm. Nor Zarina Zamri, Ms. Nur Iylia Roslan
Evolution of Evaluation

28 October
Mr. Zahari Mahad
Cryptanalysis on RSA-Variant Cryptosystem Generated by Potential Rogue CA Methodology


4 November
Mdm. Nur Raidah Salim
Collaboration Project Between Cybersecurity Malaysia and Institute for Mathematical Research (INSPEM), UPM For Digital Security and Privacy Training Program

11 November
Mdm. Iszuanie Syafidza Che Ilias
Digital Security and Privacy Awareness Program, a Collaboration Project of CyberSecurity Malaysia (CSM) – Institute for Mathematical Research (INSPEM), UPM (Part II)

25 November
Mdm. Zurita Ismail
Study of Local Stock Market Trend in Technology Sector during the Pandemic: The Case of Covid-19


2 December
Mr. Noor Mohamad Shakil Hameed
Keterlihatan Melalui Penulisan Popular

9 December
Mr. Mohamed Faris Laham
A Modern View on Merton’s Jump-Diffusion Model

16 December
Prof. Dr. Normaz Wana Ismail
Gravity Model for International Trade

23 December
Mr. Ahmad Hazazi Ahmad Sumadi
Quantum States from (Symplectic) Blow-Up Perspectives

30 December
Assoc. Prof. Dr. Choo Wei Chong
Further Empirical Evidence on the Forecasting of Volatility with Smooth Transition Exponential Smoothing

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