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INSPEM Postgraduate Dialogue and Annual Awards 2020


Dec, 7 2020. INSPEM Postgraduate Unit organized the INSPEM Postgraduate Dialogue and Annual Awards 2020 via zoom video conferencing application beginning 9.30 am – 12.15 pm. The program was attended by 70 attendees comprising of INSPEM management, research associates and INSPEM post graduate students. Briefing and question and answer sessions was held regarding post graduate studies at INSPEM as well as presentation of graduate awards for excellence in publication, presentation and attendance to INSPEM weekly seminar for the year 2019. The list of award recipients is as follows:

1) Excellence in Weekly Seminar Participation 2019

  1. Hossein Ali Gholami
  2. Auwal Abdullahi
  3. Mohammad Baba Ali

2) Excellence in Scholarly Publication 2019

  1. Najiyah Safwa Khashi’ie
  2. Siti Nur Alwani Binti Salleh
  3. Khairum Hamzah
  4. Goh Rui Ying
  5. Muhammad Sofwan Mahmud
  6. Amir Hamzah Abd Ghaffar

3) Excellence in Scholarly Events Participation 2019

  1. Khairum Hamzah
  2. Amir Hamzah Abd Ghaffar
  3. Norhaniza Abdul Hamid
  4. Divo Dharma Silalahi

In this event, 14 new students that have enrolled during the second semester 2019/2020 and first semester 2020/2021 introduced themselves. The event ended with the Annual General Meeting of INSPEM’s Postgraduate Club.

The recipients for the Excellence in Scholarly Publication 2019 award have prepared a video presentation regarding their research which could be accessed by the following links: (Najiyah) (Alwani) (Khairum) (Sofwan) (Amir)


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